TPS360 Platinum Polished Concrete




TPS360 Polished Concrete




3 weeks

An area in excess of 9,000m² was ground and polished, exposing the natural aggregates in the existing concrete slab to produce a very hard-wearing, high-quality finish.

The entire process involved the removal of existing top layers of material and refining the surface to expose the stronger underlying concrete.

The concrete was then ground and polished using our state-of-the-art planetary grinding equipment and diamond tools, resulting in a polished surface of the highest quality; both functionally and aesthetically, while also having a life expectancy of 25+ years.

Meet our specialist

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson, our Sales Director, has over 30 years’ experience in polished concrete gained at HTC, SIG, PPC and most recently in the last 3 years, at TPS360.